Olathe – The City Beautiful will be a series of twenty documentaries, each five to ten minutes in length, telling the stories of the people, places and events of Olathe’s history. Thorough and compelling, this collection of stories will paint a broad picture of Olathe’s rich historical heritage, using incredible detail, arresting imagery and the actual voices of Olathe residents. This definitive series, which will be shown on public television, screened to Olathe youth as part of the school curriculum, featured at the Olathe Heritage Center, distributed to local libraries and civic groups, and placed on DVD for distribution will chronicle the history of Olathe from a stop on the westward trails to a city of global corporations.

Learn about the bloody Quantrill Raid and how Old Settler’s Day has memorialized this event.  See how Charles Hyer, a poor man teaching shoe repair, developed the famous cowboy boot.  Explore civil rights in Olathe and the Lincoln segregated school.  From an abstract idea to a global company, see how Olathean Gary Burell developed the Global Positioning System and Garmin International.

These are just a few of the many fascinating stories that will be chronicled in this comprehensive, unique, and entertaining historical video series, OLATHE – THE CITY BEAUTIFUL.

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Olathe Historical Society